For Couples & Families

Improving and nurturing positive communication patterns within couples and families has been important to me throughout my career. Healthy relationships are at the heart of a good quality of life and many joyous experiences.

Over the years , my work has been informed by the writings and workshops of Virginia Satir, John Gottman, Sue Johnson and others. I enjoy helping individuals to really hear one another more fully, and to hear and see the ways in which they themselves might be impeding the sense of loving connection within their family.

This is challenging work for everyone – for me as a therapist, and for the couples and families with whom I work. However, it is very gratifying to for me to see relationships improve. I do enjoy helping people see how the dysfunctional patterns they may have learned from their own families of origin and/or from previous relationships can be transformed into positive expressions of love, caring, and support for one another. I also work on ameliorating the stresses which can arise from different cultural backgrounds and expectations.

The core of my work in this area involves my listening deeply to each person's sincere emotional needs, and being able to translate those to their partners or other family members in terms which can be heard and understood. I invite you to call and speak with me, so that we can decide together whether I might be of service to you in these ways.

Couples Counseling can address:

  • Conflict resolution
  • Communication skills
  • Sex and romance
  • Familial issues