For Therapists

Weekly Groups Providing

* Support, Self-exploration, and Group Process Experience *

In today's world of evolving changes within our professions and our larger society, it is more important than ever that clinicians develop their own sense of value and community. These supportive groups provide a means of doing this while expanding one's self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-esteem.

Often therapists are overly focused on caring for others. These groups provide a venue in which you can evaluate and work on meeting your own needs more fully. In a safe, intimate environment, each member is invited to positively confront his or her own limiting self-concepts and relationship patterns, as well as practice new ways of being.

Therapist peers provide knowledgeable and compassionate mirrors for reflecting the impact, value, and limitations of one's personal style. Over time, this affords opportunities for taking gradual, growthful risks in changing old patters and finding more deeply one's own wisdom. These groups generally become healing communities that foster more flexible, creative self-expression to be brought back into both personal and professional realms. They can be especially helpful for therapists who lead or contemplate their own groups.

These groups are intended to:

  • Provide therapists with a powerful and safe arena for assessing, developing and enhancing their own interpersonal style and for increasing integration of these changes within their lives.
  • Explore conflict, resistance, transference, counter-transference and other issues participants bring from their own therapy practices and groups.
  • Facilitate an understanding of group therapy processes, phases and facilitative interventions, based on participation in, and observation of, our own group process.
  • Offer a safe healing space to deal with and resolve professional and personal issues, to encourage creative growth, and to develop a fuller connection with oneself and others.